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Bees Knees Holiday Rental Property Services

Bees Knees began life in 2018 to both market, manage and book holiday properties. Whether it is management support for the region’s 500 AirBnB properties or catering for the needs of the thousands of visitors to Port Douglas every month, Julie and Bees Knees can simplify your experience with a range of hands on services.

With an extensive understanding of the property market in Port Douglas, Julie realised that many absentee owners had holiday or investment properties in the region and found it challenging to achieve the benefits of the ever growing holiday market. "They have a home in paradise but are missing the financial rewards of short term rental markets because of the challenges of day to day management from a distance". Bees Knees Services had the answer – they can assure owners that your property is being cared for in a professional way and that your guests’ needs are being catered for by a friendly, helpful team.

Julie and Bees Knees also understands the needs and wants of their guests no matter how or when they arrive. Imagine arriving at your apartment or holiday home, the fridge and the pantry are full,  no need to make your first trip one to the supermarket call the team and we will let you know how you can have your shopping in your apartment packed and ready for you when you arrive. We love our region and want our holiday visitors the have their best holiday ever, Bees Knees aim to make that a pleasant experience. They can book your tours, restaurants, babysitters the list is endless. Looking forward to sharing our beautiful region with our guests.

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